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Bank mission

The Bank is aimed at contributing to development of business of its customers. Maintaining the status of a reliable, sustainable and profitable bank, the Bank acts as a professional partner the target of which is to create the most-favored treatment of business growth of its partners.
Business Philosophy
The Bank has all historic and economic prerequisites to be in the lead, one of the most significant values of the Bank is its stainless business reputation.
The Bank contributes to development of the economic and social infrastructure of the area where it operates. The Bank is widening the business geography in accordance with the interests of its clients, creating the developed branch network and enhancing it.
The Bank provides its clients equal opportunities for efficient management of funds and high quality servicing, is rigorous in the study of the demands and abilities of each client irrespective of the status and location.
The Bank is a financial institution, which is aimed at promotion of the business activities of its clients. The Bank acts as a professional financial partner, the target of which is to create the most-favored treatment for development of the clients activities and enlarge the operation scale.
The Bank is engaged in risk management in such a way that allows to ensure an acceptable return for its clients and partners and to maintain the status of a reliable partner.
The Bank observes rules of marketplace ethics. Relations of SKB-BANK with all its Clients and other Partners are based on the legal and ethical business standards according to relevant norms of professional activities.
The Bank adheres to the principles of social responsibility displaying reasonable loyalty and concern to the public interests and together with this conducts its activities responsibly and professionally.
The Bank ensures high level of professionalism. The Bank in its relations with its staff demonstrates respect, confidence and is guided by the common corporate values.

Нead office:


Kuibysheva str., 75
Ekaterinburg, Russia

+7 (343) 355-75-75, 8-800-1000-600

Mn-Fr: 9:00-20:00

St: 10:00-17:00

Sn: 10:00-16:00


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